First Book Review!

The anticipation is over and I have received the first book review of “Running the Race Called Life.” The link is here. Renee Mihld from Life’s Good Journey did a terrific review. Available Now  

A Door Opens to a New Journey!

They say that when one door closes another one opens! Well, this is a door that I never even considered looking at let alone opening and walking through it!! I am now the published author of, “Running the Race Called Life.” It has been a long 3-year marathon journey. I persevered and the end product […]

When a Marathon Becomes an Ultra-marathon!

  It’s been quite awhile since I posted about my upcoming book, Running the Race Called Life. At the end of August I thought the finish line was in sight, but soon discovered that it continued to be elusive! When I clicked the send button to email the files to the compositor I thought my […]

Now the Fun Begins!

It’s been an exciting week! We finalized my manuscript and turned everything in to the book compositor, got a logo, web banner, and business cards designed, ordered business cards, made my first blog post, and got my first blog comment (hubby)! Now the fun begins with book promotion! I can’t wait to hold one in […]

The Finish Line is in Sight

This is something that is always a welcome sight to an endurance athlete, especially at a distance of a marathon or beyond. It means your race is almost over and a time of rest and recuperation is not far away. In my book, Running the Race Called Life, the book doesn’t end with Chapter 26 […]

Nearing the Finish Line

A Typical Chapter My first book, “Running the Race Called Life,” is nearing the finish line and soon to be released. Each week I’ve been sharing a little bit of what’s inside. This week I would like to share what a typical chapter looks like: Chapter 1 Hope Hope in Scripture Hope as Defined By […]

My Marathon Journey

The Starting Line The marathon journey to writing my first book began in January 2013 with a book proposal from Thomas Grace Publishers. I quickly decided on a title, “Running the Race Called Life” and a new chapter in my life took off with the bang of the starting gun! Nearing the Finish Line As […]

A Peek at my Introduction to “Running the Race Called Life”

How the Title Evolved My Way of Life This has become my way of life, Running this Race Called Life by trying to balance my spiritual side (church fellowship, Bible study, prayer, service to others) with my physical side (fitness, good nutrition, leisure activity) to make me, hopefully, a well-rounded individual. When the opportunity arrived […]

Running the Race Called Life

Running the Race Called Life, by Keena Carstensen

My first book, “Running the Race Called Life”, is soon to be published and I am excited to share the news! Here is the cover and a brief blurb on the contents. “The Author uses Bible verses and themes to inspire the reader to fulfill their personal life goals and to grow in their faith […]